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Africa – The Big Five !

Every commission is a challenge and ‘Africa’ was up there with the best!

Doug contacted me in October to discuss a Christmas gift for his Mother, who lives in Africa, he was planning his trip there for the holiday and would be departing on December 16th… was that possible, he asked?

His idea was to depict the ‘Big Five’ which are; Elephant, Rhino, Cheetah, Lion and Cape Buffalo… not phased, I asked if he would sketch out his thoughts, so we would have a starting point.

Doug came into the studio with his animal idea sketched out, with the addition of two more images, a black eagle, and a red rose, to symbolise his Mother, to remind her of England. His choice of colour for the background of the scarf was bright yellow, which Doug felt was perfectly suited for Africa, where bright colours are the norm.

With the brief agreed, the work commenced… I further researched animal images, to create the design layout for each end of the scarf, which Doug and his son Adam approved, along with the size and weight of Silk they wanted for the finished piece.

The process began by stretching the Silk, to paint the yellow background first, which was then steamed and washed, ready to start the design work. The Silk was then re-stretched and the design image was drawn onto the Silk and the gutta outline was painted. Then I began to paint the red roses, which were detailed and intricate, taking three hours each! When finished, the Silk was then streamed and washed again…

In total, the commission took 43 hours to design and produce, very much a challenge, but I was hugely fulfilled by the finished piece, which was soon to be winging its way to its new home in Africa. Doug had planned to collect the precious gift a few days before his trip, then our good old English weather hit us with a serious downfall of snow! closing roads and the studio site, which threatened to thwart all the effort…. With a lot of re planning, Doug managed to get to the studio the day before his flight! definitely cutting it fine, however, when he saw the scarf his expression said it all – An Absolute Triumph, I was delighted.

Doug D’Aubrey

I commissioned a Silk Scarf for my Mother, who lives in South Africa and I was visiting over Christmas. The process from beginning to end was quite amazing.

Bev understood what I wanted and talked me through what she would have to do and the colours etc. Then at each stage of the process she checked that it was what I wanted.

The final result was ready in time for me to take to South Africa and it looked amazing. It was specially wrapped and boxed as well.

When I was able to give it to my Mum for her Christmas present it was brilliant. My mums face was so special and it will always stay with me.

I would highly recommend Bev to anyone looking for that special gift.

Colour Match Winter

Wonderful ‘Winter’ colours just for me!

Bev recently went to see Jane Brook of House of Colour, in Worcester, to have a Colour Analysis done.  Whilst sceptical at first, Bev had a fabulous time learning from Jane, what a difference it makes, wearing colours that enhance your complexion and look. The result was that Bev’s colours are in the ‘Winter’ range.

Totally converted, it’s not a surprise that Bev would set about creating a silk scarf that works with the blues and greens, in her new colour palette. Though a challenge to mix the dyes, you can see the result is beautiful.

Bev will soon be working on creating scarves that work with Spring, Summer and Autumn and she highly recommends a visit to see Jane, to find out what your perfect colour palette would be.

Thank you

I would like to thank Jane Brook, Image Consultant and Personal Stylist for House of Colour, based in Worcester, for a truly wonderful day.

Having several clients who had been through this process, I have to say that I was still very sceptical, as I booked myself onto Jane’s Colour Analysis Course. Having been an Art teacher for years, I thought I knew which colours suited me and felt that I did not want to be restricted in my choices (or so I thought!)

The whole process was fascinating and I came away with a Wallet of Colours, that suited my complexion. Jane totally opened my eyes, further, to the wonders of Colour and I am now having great fun, mixing the Silk Dyes, to create a range of Silk scarves that match my own colour palette. I highly recommend ladies and gentlemen, to treat themselves to the Colour Analysis Course.

Decisions! Decisions!

A snap shot of four lovely ladies enjoying a unique experience on a Bebanne Freestyle Painted Silk Scarf Course. All of them finding out that they absolutely do have the ability to create…

Wonderfully led by Bev, who expertly guides and inspires you throughout the day to learn and understand the art of silk painting. She opens your mind and encourages you to be expressive with your creation.  The day is very much hands on, so you learn as you create your first sample square. Bev explains the techniques and how the dyes blend and shape on the silk, giving you confidence to experiment and watch the magic happen.

All the ladies agreed the experience was thoroughly absorbing and therapeutic, enabling them to leave aside life’s trials and stresses! At the end of the day they were the proud owners of beautiful unique silk scarve creation to be proud of, and had a memorable day to cherish.

A wonderful experience! From art at school, decades ago, I was convinced I couldn’t ‘do art’. With the tutor’s expert facilitation and affirmation, emerged a creative part of me I never thought existed. The effects stay with me. Who knows what may emerge next? Thank you so much. I’d recommend these workshops to anybody, especially those who have been told they can’t pain, draw or create!

Thank You… Welly Lai

Wedding Stole

Groom organises a very special surprise gift for his Bride… Adam came into the Bebanne Studio to discuss with Bev his idea for a wedding stole, which he wanted to give Suzanne on...

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